In order to be successful, the Institute needs to deliver tangible benefits to its members and to deliver what it promises. The areas in which the Institute will add benefits to Consultants are:

Clients - Help members get work from clients

The Institute will facilitate this by allowing the Consultant to create a profile in an online directory which Clients can easily access, search and use to contact consultants with the requisite skills and experience.

Costs - Help members reduce their operating costs

The Institute will partner with key suppliers in order to negotiate benefits for its members in order to reduce their operating costs and overheads. This will include, member only discounts and special offers.

Capabilities - Help members improve their consulting capabilities

The Institute will arrange education and training courses which will help our members improve their consulting capabilities. These courses will initially focus on consulting, engagement, practice management and specific consulting processes. It will be later be extended to specialist areas depending on the needs of our members.

Community - Help members network within the consulting community

The Institute will arrange networking events which will include knowledge sharing, conferences, sports events, etc. These will be structured to include not only Consultants but also Clients, Suppliers and members of broader Society where relevant.

Competency - help members demonstrate their competency

The Institute will help its members to solicit feedback from Clients in the form of a Client Service Rating for assignments previously undertaken and to obtain personalised Endorsements where possible. Clients Service Ratings will be included in aggregated form on a Consultant’s Profile while all Client Endorsements will be displayed.

Certification - Help members obtain professional certification

The Institute will implement a professional certification scheme which will allow members to obtain certification as a Chartered Consultant (Southern Africa)®, this will allow them to use the abbreviation CC(SA)® after their names.

Communication - Help members communicate and keep up to date

The Institute will facilitate communication within the consulting community and will distribute the latest thinking and best practices through a news page, a blog, articles and a Journal.

Conduct - Ensure members subscribe to a code of conduct

The Institute has developed a simple 5-point Code of Conduct. All members of the Institute are required to agree, as a condition of membership, to adhere to the Code of Conduct.